Teacher Learning Cast (TLC) #6:

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First segment: Deeper Learner

Driving question: How can educators create opportunities for (language) learners through deeper learning that merges knowledge and skill sets that align with future demands?

  • Not only do students learn, its backers say, but they develop the speaking and writing skills they need to convey their viewpoints. (learning perspective)
  • The schools teach the standard subjects, but many include more collaboration among teachers so that those subjects are taught together. (teaching perspective)
  • Project-based approach that’s become synonymous with deeper learning.
  • Wei said that deeper learning works best when it’s incorporated throughout the school rather than limited to a class or two.
    • Equity, diversity and poverty
    • deeper learning competencies as 1) mastering rigorous academic content, 2) learning how to think critically and solve problems, 3) working collaboratively, 4) communicating effectively, 5) directing one’s own learning, and 6) developing an academic mindset — a belief in one’s ability to grow.

Tweet link to Image (What skills do employers…)

Second segment: Planning based on activities vs. planning based on objectives

How important is it to have a clear view of what the class objective is especially the language focus of the day in order to modify the activities as to fit the major possible practice along the process.

It may be questionable to implement activities which require a long-term context, complex set of processes regarding performance, and a limited timeframe to practice the language focus of the day.

To follow up, here is a link to a video about a research on learning objectives. Dr. Will Thalheimer talks about presenting learning objectives in class: https://www.worklearning.com/2015/01/29/video-on-lobjs/

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