IHAQ#4 on EdTechTalk

IHAQ#4 on EdTechTalk (Google+ Community) begins later today.  Past questions that have led to potential questions for this week:

Featured Question:
From  +Paul Allison   via  https://twitter.com/youthvoices

What would a K-12 MOOC have in it? What connections would it nurture? Would teachers codesign it with students? Do they exist?

Other Questions That May Be Addressed:

From +Benjamin L. Stewart 
How can instruction and assessment (not accreditation) "live as one" within an online course.

Why does Mitra anger so many in education?  

Curious, is it possible to pull info (using a hashtag) from blog posts without sharing in Twitter, facebook, Google+, etc? 

From +Clarissa Bezerra 
Best ways to approach/handle teenage smart-phone use/addiction <nervous-thumbs syndrome> 🙂 in the classroom?

From https://twitter.com/joseluisserrano
How can assess (and accredit) rhizomatic tasks in higher education? or, it is conflicting? 

From: https://twitter.com/EarlyYearsErica
Teachers are subverting education policy rubbish to ensure children have creative learning experiences! Good! #eduquestion time

Possible follow-up on last week's question

2 thoughts on “IHAQ#4 on EdTechTalk

  1. Basically, use the term "MOOC" very loosely (if you must use the term at all), and realize the technologies can bring K-12 classrooms together: forming connections, communities, and collaborative learning experiences while still adhering to a curriculum.  Don't fret over terms like "massive" and "open", but do fret over what your learners are understanding and doing!

  2. So glad I stayed for the "after show" about edX. I was introduced to it by following Dave C to the MakerPhysics exercise and now am waiting for mooc.org to invite me to try it out.

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