Participatory Action Research

Review what is meant by participatory action research as this is the type of research we'll be doing this semester.  As with any type of research, the "secret" is not to get behind.  This week we discussed what applied linguistics is and the importance of being able to define a problem.

Your assignment for this week is to come up with a problem you can investigate as part of a PAR project.  The problem you choose should be something that interests you but also a problem that others have already investigated.  I recommend that you visit the UAA virtual library in order to get ideas.  See how others have research your problem to help you get some ideas.  You are free to duplicate or modify someone else's study, which includes using their instruments.  Just make sure you reference their study according to APA.


  • Create two Google Documents using your own Google (email) account.
  • Copy and past the text from the Problem and Argument template and the PAR template to each of your Google Documents; create links to your Google documents and add them to the class projects page.
  • Complete the Problem and Argument template which now resides in your Google Document.


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